Olivia Smith Art

Art By Olivia Smith


Story, art, and design is created by me. For my senior capstone project at CSUEB.

Bloom page1.jpg
Bloom page2.jpg
Bloom page3.jpg
Bloom page4.jpg
Bloom page5.jpg

How it was made


For my Senior Project, I wanted to create something that collaborates my illustration skills and graphic design skills. I created a short story named "Bloom" Which is about self-growth, love and female empowerment. The story, art, logo and text choice are created/selected by me. The final project is published on 5 16 X 20 Canvas prints.



For the first step I had to create a concept and write many notes and sketch thumbnails of character designs and the story itself.


For the next step I sketched out all 5 pages and then scanned them onto my computer.


I created a template in Illustrator for the canvas wrap. I then start painting the picture in grayscale. 


I then add color to the grayscale painting so I can change the color if needed without changing the picture itself.


In InDesign, I create a file for the page. I add the story text, image and Logo together. I also select what font will look best for the body text. I decided to pick a serif text (as you will see at the bottom)  because I felt that it looked best for a story. 


I then did a little DIY and created my own canvas prints. I printed large scale posters scored, cut and wrapping them around canvas with matte ModPodge and staples. I did this to all 5 pages. To my astonishment, the measurements came out correct for all 5 canvases. 


I did the process 5 times and it resulted in this! 5 16x 20 canvases.